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10. října 2009 v 10:26 | Kurahk |  Info-Lego

Graphics from the game!

Each time the LEGO Universe News Network unveils new graphics from the game, you fans respond with a resounding "We want more!" Today, you get your wish and then some! More key characters are now parading around, and check out these new screenshots of the in-game action!

screenshot 1
Create yourself as a LEGO Minifig!

screenshot 2
Customize your looks and collect tons of accessories through playing the game.

screenshot 3
You can login with your existing LEGO ID (don't have one? Get one today at !).

screenshot 4
An epic monument is under construction.

screenshot 5
Time to escape from some trouble caused at the monument, build a rocket of your own custom design to launch to other LEGO worlds!

screenshot 6
Somewhere deep in a gnarled forest...

screenshot 7
Looks like some pirates have run their ship aground.

screenshot 8
Maybe these ninjas will help? Then again, maybe not!

screenshot 9
After a hard day adventuring with ninjas, pirates and who knows what else, it's always good to take a break and rock out with some friends.

Stay tuned to the LEGO Universe News Network to get more graphics from the game! We're your official source for the latest on the first massively mutiplayer online game for LEGO fans!

Posted Wednesday, August 19, 2009 in General News by LEGOUniverseMaster


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1 D. D. | 10. října 2009 v 11:04 | Reagovat

Jak vidím tak jsi dost aktivní a musím říct, že to má lepší úroveň než ten původní. Anglicky neumím, ale k vůli mě se nemůžeš omezovat. Máš to fajn. Pokračuj dál. D.

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